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I want to take this opportunity to let you know how valuable I think [Program Manager and BTG Trainer] Dijana is to the program.  She gives her students all the tools they need by giving of herself through her experiences and by allowing each student to feel free to participate, as well as, answering all questions thoroughly within the context of the course.

Bridging the Gap Training Participant

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Do you speak Arabic, Chinese, Russian, or any of the other hundreds of languages your customers, clients, and patients speak?

The Interpreter Network does!



Reach Customers, Clients, and Patients in any language!

As our communities become more global, bridging the language gap becomes essential. As interpretation specialists, The Interpreter Network can help you effectively provide your products and services to non-English speaking clients, patients and customers.

The Interpreter Network is a leading provider of interpretation services, with the most comprehensive range of languages available in the Denver metro area. Whatever your language needs, The Interpreter Network can provide you with linguistically tested and certified, professionally trained, technically expert interpreters in these professional areas:

Medical Mental Health
Education Social Services
Legal Technology
Business Web
Trade Engineering

The Interpreter Network 

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